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6th December 2017

Why you Should Choose a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner?

An Insolvency Practitioner (IP) is someone who is licensed and authorised to act in relation to an insolvent individual, partnership or company. Most IPs are chartered […]
6th December 2017

Release of Frozen Bank Account

If your company’s bank account is frozen, this may be the result of your bank receiving notice that a creditor has issued a petition for a […]
9th November 2017

Will I lose my house because of the business going insolvent?

Ordinarily, the key issue for a sole trader business proprietor is whether in the event of the business becoming informally insolvent they lose their house? When […]
9th November 2017

Ways Of Avoiding Bankruptcy

If you find yourself subject to bankruptcy proceedings or a bankruptcy order, broadly there are three options available to you. You can either approach the court […]
3rd November 2017

5 Top Tips For Dealing With Winding Up Petitions

As Insolvency practitioners, we regularly act for Directors and Companies who are threatened with the presentation of, or who have been served with, a Winding-Up Petition […]