Insolvency Advice – How you can avoid it

Potential legal liability for directors where their company may be Insolvent
20th February 2018
Toys R Us UK Administration
Toys R Us UK Administration
16th March 2018
Insolvency Advice - How you can avoid insolvency

There are many ways you can avoid Insolvency. Here are just a few pointers to help your business stay on top of its financial status.

  1. Monitor your customers

The key to success in business is choosing the right target audience. Correctly assessing and then meeting their needs means you will stay in the market for more extended periods of time and with more stability.

Insolvency Advice - How you can avoid insolvency

  1.    Manage your risks

There can be different risks depending on your business sector. Performing routine risk assessments is key to keeping your risks under control. Protecting your intellectual property, making sure you have the right insurance cover, paying off bad debts, etc. All of this can contribute to the risks of your business.


  1.   Increase your flexibility

Mitigate your costs by building in flexibility to the business. Allow employees to work from home, offer bonuses to incentivise employees, etc. All of which can help your business to survive the unexpected.

Insolvency Advice - How you can avoid insolvency


  1.   Build your working capital

Make sure the business is retaining enough capital to cover any shortfalls. Put profits back into the company, work out a cash flow forecast and strategise a plan for the future.

For an in-depth look at these areas of business, you can read more at the Yorkshire Powerhouse website or contact us for more information by giving our Head Office a call on 0113 868 1203.


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