Could Corporate Restructuring help? 

With our years of experience in the field of insolvency, Chamberlain & Co is in an ideal position to advise you on your businesses solvency and viability. We are used to help businesses turn around by identifying the exact nature of the problem and guiding you towards an ideal solution.

Corporate restructuring is the task of organising the legal, ownership, operational and other structures of a company to make it more profitable. This can include taking actions such as moving or selling assets, reducing staff wages or lowering employment levels. Typically this will consist of a business restructure in which opportunity to increase sales is examined, cost reduction methods are identified, and assets may be sold/purchased.

Is a corporate restructure right for me?
The business structure and operations should be kept under review by the directors and/or the management to optimise business performance. A periodic review of your finances and operational structure can help to identify problems early and if the business is in decline, revitalise the company. If your business needs help clearing debt or has become unviable, a corporate restructuring is an essential part of the rescue and turnaround plan to save your company.

How does corporate restructuring work?
A business restructure typically has two elements: The first element is a financial restructure where the funding requirement of the business is assessed, and the structure is optimised to maximise liquidity at least cost.The second element is an operational restructure in which the business processes are mapped and benchmarked against peer group best practice to raise performance to class-leading levels.

What step should I take?
The company should instruct a Turnaround and Insolvency Practitioner such as Chamberlain & Co to advise the directors on the most appropriate actions to take and to provide assistance in their implementation.

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