Personal Services

  • Helping you to avoid, through or out of insolvency

Chamberlain & Co specialise in providing advice in complex scenarios. These will often include intertwined relationships between business and personal debt, trading businesses and their liabilities, arrears of taxation debts and personal guarantees given against business liabilities. We are able to assist individuals with financial problems through a variety of informal and formal processes.

There are, in theory, a number of options available to deal with your individual financial problems and debt; however, because no two individuals’ circumstances are exactly the same, not all of these potential solutions may be appropriate.

Our approach is to spend time with you to establish all the relevant facts, so that we can suggest the best solution to deal with your particular individual financial problems.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions section  to find answers to commonly asked questions regarding personal financial difficulties.

Individuals who are insolvent or experiencing cash flow problems have the following personal financial services available to them:

Company Administration



Company Dissolution


Business Restructure

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