Other Self Help Remedies

  • Helping you to avoid, through or out of insolvency

In many cases the solution to an individual’s financial problems may be a lot simpler.

Chamberlain & Co are happy to spend the time with you discussing your financial situation and, where possible, come up with suggestions that might avoid the ongoing involvement of a third party in your financial affairs. For example:

  • Are there family or friends that you could approach for a gift or interest free loan?
  • Do you have any savings which could be used to reduce your debts?
  • Could you save money by changing utility suppliers?
  • If you believe that your financial problems are of a short term nature, you might wish to consider transferring the balances on your credit card(s) to those institutions offering 0% interest on balance transfers for an introductory period – this will not, however, be a solution for those individuals with long term financial problems due to the temporary nature of these low or nil rates of interest.
  • Is it possible to take on some additional part-time work in the evenings or weekends?
  • If more than one member of the household owns a car, is it possible to raise some money by selling one of the cars?
  • Are there non-essential items that you can do without, such as satellite television, mobile phones?

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