I have been made bankrupt but I have sufficient income and assets to satisfy my creditors. 

You can enter into an IVA and have your bankruptcy annulled and then settle your liabilities outside the costs and stigma of bankruptcy whilst staying in control.

I am being pursued to settle personal guarantees given on behalf of my failed business. I have some assets and an income but I am unable to settle the liabilities in full.

An IVA offers a controlled structure to compromise debts over a period of time whilst avoiding bankruptcy.

I have a viable business but I got into arrears with my business creditors. I also have personal debt. 

An IVA will allow you to restructure both your business and personal debts so that you can continue to trade and deal with them over an extended period.

I have debt of more than £15,000 but no assets or income. 

Bankruptcy would not adversely impact on future employability. Bankruptcy would be your best option, which would last for a maximum of 12 months.

I have consumer debt which has been manageable, however due to a temporary drop in income I am currently struggling to keep up with repayments. 

A debt management plan, offered by the non fee paying sector, may be your best option during the period where you need for temporary relief.

I have a lot of consumer debts and I am struggling to keep up with the repayments but have significant equity in my home. 

Consider remortgaging or taking a consolidation loan in order to be able to spread these repayments over an extended period. Alternatively an IVA or debt management plan might be appropriate.

I am frightened that my spending on my credit cards is getting out of control. 

Consider destroying your credit cards. Look to boost your income and reduce your general expenditure and with the surplus created pay off your most expensive borrowings first.

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Onwards through insolvency


Onwards through insolvency

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Onwards through insolvency

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